Windows 9 (codename: Threshold) leaked videos and screenshots show Virtual Desktops, Notifications, Cortana, New Start Menu and many more features

After few days of Teaser launch of Windows 9, Internet got hit with leaked screenshots and videos of upcoming version of Windows; Windows 9 aka Threshold. posted ample of screenshots and regularly updating with video series of coming new features of Windows 9. Windows 9 Technical Preview which will be coming in last week of September or in early October is already leaked which is the reason behind these leaked images and videos. Windows 9 Technical Preview details shows the build so compiled as 6.4.9834 which is not just an update rather it will come with lots of interesting features.

Windows 9

Microsoft is now may be moving towards a new road of naming their Operating Systems. In Phone section they are planning to drop “Phone” from “Windows Phone” and same in the desktop section. Now onwards only “Windows” will be used as brand name. In regards with upcoming Technical Preview of codenamed “Threshold”, Microsoft chooses to give it “Windows Technical Preview” as its name. We’ll be seeing lots of ups and downs in using brand name of Microsoft and its product over other.

If we look at the features of Windows 9 from its Technical Preview edition, Microsoft is cooking a new recipe of Operating System keeping user’s previous  feedback in mind. We’ll be seeing Notification Center in this preview as we already seeing in Windows Phone 8.1 these days. More than one desktop that is a concept we used to see in Linux operating system will come in Windows 9 but much more refined.

Windows 9 Technical Preview (4)

Storage Sense and WiFi sense will add more weight to Windows 9. There are still more features that are to be unveiled in coming days and some of them may get dropped before the release of final bits of Windows 9 which is set for next year.

Windows 9 Technical Preview (5)

Most important thing which Microsoft focused is the Start Menu of Windows 9. Start Menu had some makeover from the developers which totally changes the look and feel of it. We’ll be seeing a mix-up of Windows 7 Menu and Start Menu of Windows 8. Windows 9 Start Menu combines taste of both where a compact Start Screen fits vertically on left with Personal Folders, PC Settings and Programs list on right as Start Menu with an Advanced Search option.

Windows 9 Technical Preview (2)

Taskbar gets two new buttons with a Search button and Virtual Desktop for switching between Multi Desktop or Multi-Workspace like Linux/Apple’s OS X .

Windows 9 Technical Preview (3)

Lets have a closer look over the features of Windows 9 with images and videos (Courtesy:

Leaked Video showing the Windows 9 New Start Menu in action:

Leaked Video showing Windows 9 Notification Center in action:

Leaked Video showing Windows 9 Multi-Desktop or Virtual Desktop in action:

Soon we’ll be updating the download links of Windows Technical Preview or Windows Technical Preview. Stay tuned with us to know about more upcoming features and download links of Windows 9.