Windows Live Hotmail: Stay Connected by adding various Web Activities to your Live ID

Windows Live Hotmail provides an option to Add Services from various other Websites to be linked with the user’s hotmail and provides updates about that sites on the home page of hotmail account of users. All the services so added in the list are categorized as likely to be easily understood. Near about every social network, community forum, several image service provider etc. Complete list can be seen easily from the home page of your hotmail .
Click on Add Web Activities on the Home Page of your Hotmail Account.

Now You can see the complete list of the Service Providers names alongwith category view also.

As I already added Facebook so it is marked with a Green Tick Mark.
Yoiu can choose anyone Service which you want to avail like here as Flickr:

It is asking to Add Flickr service. Click on Add Flickr. After this it will ask for your Yahoo account detail to log you in to your Flickr account. After you suuccessful login, your update of Flickrs will be available in Hotmail Account from where you can share photos you uploaded with rest of world and updates comes ot Hotmail, Messenger and rest of Windows Live.
So this is how you can set your Web activities and add it to your Windows Live ID.
Simple and amazing Windows Computing!!!