[Rumor] Upcoming Windows Phone Devices

Windows Phone 8 announcement has already been made by the Redmond Giant and so far work on the hardware devices for it also started. It’s known that Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei will be making hardware for Windows Phone 8 as Microsoft’s hardware partners. Lots of rumors are all over which are making their guesses about the coming Windows Phone Devices.

Windows Phone Devices

After seeing this list of Windows Phone Devices which has been put by Chinese language site named WPDang, it’s clear that three devices are coming from Nokia viz. Phi, Dogphone and Fluid. If we look at the names then it’s seems that these names are only the Codenames of the smartphones being designed and final name will come later.

Product versions which is listed here is in format 8.0.xxxx.0 which looks like are of upcoming Windows Phone Operating System as current one is 7.5 which will be updated to 7.8.

A product from Samsung is also listed here Samsung SGH-1687 and one device is named Alpha from a new Company Juggernaut. Right there is no confirmation about the products and not even about the company name Juggernaut but lot more to be revealed in coming future regarding Windows Phone 8 devices.