Windows Phone Free Time Machine Promotion

Is Microsoft cooking something behind the curtains? A new website named is spreading the word Get Free Time Here on 9th April. What sort of free time is the company offering is still a mystery. You can check out a glimpse of pre-release page of website:

Windows Phone Time Machine Promotion

You can easily get from the look that on 9th April there will be some ad campaign or some big events are going to be organized by Microsoft for Windows Phone in the cities New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Its simply a wait and watch situtation but behind the scene if you want to go then you’ll find something interesting.

Visit the website and then view the source code of the page. Here is the line which is written in comments:

Why can’t we have more free time? You can. The Free Time Machine presented by Windows Phone.

And see this code and the lines which are encircled or underlined with red color.

Windows Phone Time Machine Promotion

Whole concept is a promotion of Nokia Lumia 900 and there will be some sweepstake which is organized by ePrize. So keep your eye here on 9th April.