Yahoo discontuined Yahoo Meme on May 25

Yahoo Meme which was released in Beta phase by Yahoo as a new kind of simple and smart platform for the bloggers is on the way to close soon. Yahoo Meme is still in beta from its release and used by lots of blogger but it didn’t get that much popularity so finally from the company its been announced that it’s going to be discontinued. When today I logged into my Yahoo Meme account I got the following notification regarding discontinuation of Meme:

Yahoo Meme

Meme is already closed partially from April 25th as no new account creation is possible and not even existing users can create new post on Meme. Meme will be finally closed on May 25th and after this date all Meme URLs will not be accessible. Right now Meme is in reduced functionality mode as Meme is not accepting any Inserts or Updates on the site. Still if existing users want to export data from Meme or want to delete their account then it is possible before May 25th only as after this date site will be shutdown by Yahoo. While shutting down the product Meme no effect will be resulted on Yahoo accounts. People can use other Yahoo products without any disturbance because of Yahoo Meme discontinuation. Yahoo Meme users are requested to either export your posts or delete their account before it get shutdown.