Yahoo Meme – Twitter Clone. Get Invitation here.

Now a days all of us are using a term called as ‘Twitter‘ and everyone can do that as its free to register there. But there are some limitations of it as it can only post text which is limited to 140 characters only. And also there is no support for Video or Pictures or Music. Seeing the popularity of Twitter and its some limitations one of leading company taken an initiative to clone it in a new advanced and improved manner with some additional features.
Yes got it right, ‘Yahoo‘ has launched a microblogging site as like clone to Twitter named as ‘Meme‘. Here we can do sharing of information which we like interesting in text form without any characters limitations as well as we can post Pictures and videos and music too.

‘Yahoo Meme’, an initiative from Yahoo is a place where we can share everything which we find or publish in web and people get noticed of it without having to be a part of any social networking. But as still the registrations are not open and we can join only through invitations, I’m giving up some invitations for sharing the Meme’s world with you. Only you have to do is just comment over this post on my weblog, simple with your valid email address and your invitations will be in your Mailbox ASAP.
You can follow me at Yahoo Meme.