[Update] Google Chrome updates to version 56 (56.0.2924.87)

Google Chrome released a new stable release version 56 and updated it to new version 56.0.2924.87 and is available for download as offline standalone installer as well web installer. In This new version of Google Chrome several security related issues with few bug are fixed and improvements in performance is done.

Google Chrome

Features so improved:

  • New apps/extension APIs added
  • Stability and performance improved
  • 48 security fixes

Fixes in this update of Google Chrome (CVE – Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures):

  • High CVE-2016-1706: Sandbox escape in PPAPI.
  • High CVE-2016-1707: URL spoofing on iOS.
  • High CVE-2016-1708: Use-after-free in Extensions.
  • High CVE-2016-1709: Heap-buffer-overflow in sfntly.
  • High CVE-2016-1710: Same-origin bypass in Blink.
  • High CVE-2016-1711: Same-origin bypass in Blink.
  • High CVE-2016-5127: Use-after-free in Blink.
  • High CVE-2016-5128: Same-origin bypass in V8.
  • High CVE-2016-5129: Memory corruption in V8.
  • High CVE-2016-5130: URL spoofing.
  • High CVE-2016-5131: Use-after-free in libxml.
  • Medium CVE-2016-5132: Limited same-origin bypass in Service Workers.
  • Medium CVE-2016-5133: Origin confusion in proxy authentication.
  • Medium CVE-2016-5134: URL leakage via PAC script.
  • Medium CVE-2016-5135: Content-Security-Policy bypass.
  • Medium CVE-2016-5136: Use after free in extensions.
  • Medium CVE-2016-5137: History sniffing with HSTS and CSP.

Try his: Several features are needed to be enabled as are not on by default, you can check some of the Tips and Tricks which can be applied on Google Chrome

 and use the best out of it. Locked features like Multiple Profiles, Experimental Page, Side Tabs, Print Preview, Instant Search, Compact Navigation and others can be managed with about:flags help.

Download new version of Google Chrome: Web Installer | Offline Standalone Installer | MSI Installer | 64-bit Google Chrome

  • JV. Smith

    I’m using 39.0.2171.91 m, but still cannot see any option for ‘compact navigation.’
    any suggestions?

    • Tennis House

      its bullshit, google shut it down a long time ago because it was risky