How to change user tile in Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows 8 Developer brough so many changes in the User accounts too and one thing all we noticed is User Tile which shows picture chosen by us. It’s so easy to change the user tile of your account. Simply follow the steps:

Open Control Panel from Start Screen and then Go for Personalize Settings, click on User Tile.

Choose your option wither Browser if you want to choose image from your computer or Webcam if want to use live snap.

Now Select your image and then click Choose Image.

And you are done. Your User Tile has been changed.

Happy Windows Computing. Here is a complete list of articles on Windows 8.

5 thoughts on “How to change user tile in Windows 8 Developer Preview”

  1. Sorry type mistake previous feed back.
    I have asus vivotab 8. It doesn’t looks same. This instruction is not working for me.

  2. This instruction was posted On October 22, 2011. It was 3 years ago. Microsoft Tech support still use this for my on screen keyboard problem that “To use the commands available when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del, click your user tile and choose an option” and it doesn’t work for me.

  3. update feed back, my Asus Vivotab 8 on screen keyboard is not built in Windows 8, so I have to contact with Asus Tech support.
    Here is Microsoft tech support tell me that “Windows 8.1 does not have built in on screen keyboard. That’s a device feature and not Windows.”

  4. Update,
    The on screen keyboard is belong to windows not other third party company.
    The MS Tech Support was wrong. This problem is windows. I couldn’t get any right answer from MS. I will update when I get it.

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