Microsoft Edge comes to Windows 10 Build 10147 with Password Manager

Now there is no more Project Spartan in Windows 10 as the name of new browser from Microsoft finally replaced with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is presenting this new browser as “Browser for doing“. Till Project Spartan we were not able to use it with its full potential and also we were not having various develop options but in Microsoft Edge (19.10147.0.0) we are getting it. Users will get about:flags options for enabling new features like CSS3 filters. Microsoft Edge is the future browser for upcoming Windows 10 and we’ll have to say good bye to Internet Explorer.


With the introduction of Microsoft Edge users will notice lots of changes in this modern browser from Start page to Settings. Using about:flags one can enable CSS3 filters which allows us to change the rendering of an element before it is displayed in the document like as we can grayscale, sepia, blur etc using this filter property. Features related to JavaScript, Touch Events, or some other experimental features can be enabled via about:flags. You can have a look over such features by going to about:flags page.

Microsoft-Edge-Windows-10 Microsoft-Edge-Windows-10  New interesting and very useful feature so added is new Password Manager. This Password Manager is lots different from the old one we used to see in Internet Explorer. Using this one can easily now edit the credentials so saved or can add any new credentials for future.

Microsoft-Edge-Password-ManagerStill there are so many new options to come and so many to explore. Till then stay tuned to for more updates of Windows 10 and its features.