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How to Import Favorites from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Microsoft Edge

It’s quite easy to remember a site name like or but what if the list of the sites goes on, what if we have to remember an exact URL of a website. URL¬†like “” are not that simple to remember. So here comes the option of bookmark or favorite the particular URL or

How to enable CSS3 filters in Microsoft Edge

With launch of Microsoft Edge and its new developer options, users are looking for some advanced features in it. One of the advance feature so added is CSS3 filters which allows one to change the element rendering even before it’s displayed in the document. Options which we get after enabling CSS3 filters are blur,¬†sepia, saturate,

How to use Cortana with Microsoft Edge, A perfect combination

We all know that Cortana is capable of but a deep integration of it with Microsoft Edge gives new power to web browsing. We can take help of Cortana, our Personal Assistant while using Microsoft Edge, new Browser of Microsoft, in an unique way. Microsoft Edge is already a new beast in the web browser

Microsoft Edge comes to Windows 10 Build 10147 with Password Manager

Now there is no more Project Spartan in Windows 10 as the name of new browser from Microsoft finally replaced with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is presenting this new browser as “Browser for doing“. Till Project Spartan we were not able to use it with its full potential and also we were not having various develop