Windows Live Events service will expire tomorrow, backup your photos and files.

As we already posted that Windows Live service will end soon in 2010 and it will be tomorrow when after Midnight Windows Live Events will be no more and Microsoft Windows Live has given option of Windows Live Calendar where we can create, plan, manage events. Now before it expires completely you can save your photos and files from there, here’s how:

For Saving photos follow the steps as:

  • Sign in with your Windows Live ID and visit
  • Click on View your events ar the top of page.
  • Choose and select the event from where you want to save photos and then click on Photos lonk on the left side of the event page.
  • Click on More by selecting the Photo album to be saved.
  • Now simply click on download from the More dropdown menu and then click Download with Photo Gallery.
  • Choose and select the photos to be sved and then click Download.
For Saving files follow the steps as:

  • Click on SkyDrive link on the left sidebar of each event page. 
  • Select the documents folder.
  • Choose your specific file that you want to download.
  • Now click on Download and then open the file or save it to your computer. Thats it!

 So if there are your events on Windows Live then hurry before it expires and save the photos and files of your use.
Do Live, Let Live, Windows LIVE !!!